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6 Keys To Tap Into The Power Within

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Power Within

Do you feel as if you could tap into a well of power, and that whatever you set your mind to, will come to pass?

Fact is, you are created to be powerful. When Adam was created, God told him to name all the animals and have dominion. Naming your child, a pet, or a company denotes ownership. It allows you to have complete control over it. He was given everything it would take to be a success. Furthermore, God made you in His image. Can you imagine the power you would have if you were to relinquish everything totally to Him and allow Him to guide you in everything you do?

Here are the six main ingredients to tap into the power that is waiting to be unleashed from within:

1. Purpose

You were created for a purpose. Spend time in the Word and determine the purpose that lies before you right now. Is your main purpose to raise the best family, be successful in your business, or help as many people you can?

2. Faith

Purpose is powered by faith. Without faith in the best outcome, it will be difficult to attain, persevere and see the desired end-result.

3. Passion

Put passion into your drive! Passion is the force behind love, and love is the opposite of fear. If you fear it – guess what – do it! Allow your passion to zap through the fear. Whatever is worth going for and seeing to completion always has an opposing force. If God is asking you to do something, then expect competition. However, once you make the decision to forge ahead, coupled with your faith, your inner power will make you an overcomer.

4. Preparation

Analyse what is desired from you. Work on building up your personal growth. Learn all you need to know about becoming the success you are purposed to be. You do this by taking extra courses, having a mentor, and spending time in the Word of God for direction and faith building.

5. Plan

Be sure to make a plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Have it in your heart, your mind and even write it down, so it’s always before you. Know your competition, ask for Wisdom to carry it out to the best of your ability, and stay focused.

6. Action

Lastly, faith without action is dead. Start – one tiny step at a time. Nothing happens in isolation. You have to put all the effort into it that you can muster. The more you put into it, the better the results, and the more faith and confidence you will develop.

Consider this wise quote:

“Failure is an event, not a person. Yesterday ended last night.” Zig Ziglar.


Ann writes inspirational articles that send readers to Jesus.

Author of With Wings As Eagles, a testimony of living a life of abundance and miracles.

Ann’s articles first appeared on Christian Article Bank (No longer active) in May of 2006.

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