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Christ Centered

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Time with Christ

We all have many things that take up our time, energy, and thoughts daily. Whether it be school, work, friendships, extracurricular activities, or any number of other things our lives are definitely full, whether it be with good things or bad things, the fact is they are full. Yet, we feel a void that can only be filled with time with Christ. This happens when our life is Christ centered.

Have you ever considered that even if your life is full of good things that it could still be effecting you negatively? It is like the old saying, “Too much of a good thing.” We can fill our lives with too many “good things”, making us not be able to focus on any one thing.

A lack of focus can cause you to always feel unfulfilled, lacking, and aimless. There is one person who can help you to achieve the focus and purpose that you need within your days and your life. That person is Jesus Christ. He helps us to center our lives, as long as we put Him in the center of them by spending time with Christ.

This starts with spending time with Christ each day, preferably starting your day with Him, because to truly begin in the right frame of mind you need to begin your day with Christ. Setting aside this valuable time daily will help you to center your life and your daily schedule allowing you to focus on what is most important. Spend time consulting God on what is most important for you to do that day. Petition Him in prayer, and wait for Him to respond to you.

Christ Centered

He may respond in a variety of ways: through His Word, which of course will require that you spend some time reading it, through the words of someone else, or through some circumstance in your life. Be aware of this so that you can look for and recognize God’s responding to you.

Then, you will probably want to access what it is that you spend your time on, so that you can determine what is most important and what you can eliminate in order for your life to be truly rewarding, focused and centered.

You could start by making a list of the things that you do and prioritizing them. You will soon realize what is necessary and what is not, then set out to eliminate those things that are not as necessary. You can use a process of elimination by asking yourself, “Is this really contributing anything to my life?” or “Am I doing this for the right reasons?” and “Am I doing this to please others or myself?” Asking yourself these type questions will be a revealing process that can lead you to being able to eliminate things from your life.

Once you start this process and you begin spending time daily with God you will begin to see how your life goes from scattered and aimless, to centered and purposeful.


I am Alyssa Avant, a Christian author, speaker, and Bible teacher who works from home as a Virtual Assistant to authors, coaches and speakers while raising my 3 rambunctious children. I homeschool my youngest child, while my older two children attend private school. I have been married to my husband Greg for 17 years.

Alyssa Avant has been with Christian Article Bank (no longer active) since 2007.

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