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God Created Women In Special Ways

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Women have many special qualities about them that make them the beautiful creation that God made them to be. But the quality that stands out the most is the power to influence. The woman is the key to a happy and peaceful home. If the woman of the home is not happy or at peace, neither is the home front. She can influence her husband in good ways just by a shift in attitude and thinking. A mother influences her children every single day by what she does with her own life and how she treats her husband.

A woman’s power to influence can be used in many great and wonderful ways or it can be used to be downright destructive. Take a moment to reflect upon this. How did sin come upon the world? Through Eve, right? She ate of the forbidden fruit. Then what happened? She influenced her husband to eat of it too. She talked him into it! And he ate. She certainly didn’t have to do much influencing there, did she?

Eve’s power to influence Adam was used in a destructive way. She didn’t have her faith and trust in God. She didn’t believe with her heart and soul. Instead she allowed her selfish desire to get in the way of her faith and she ate from the forbidden fruit. She turned her back on what God had told her and did her own thing instead. Not only that, but she influenced her husband to be destructive with her.


Women are remarkable souls with quite a bit of influence in this world, which can be used for the good of all. Children need the feminine influence of their mother and they need their mother and dad to get along well and produce a fruitful and joyous life together. Women can do mighty things with their intuitive minds; such as understand people, cultures and the world around them with wisdom. Women seem to grasp spirituality with ease but on the other hand can also be spoiled rotten and selfish at the drop of a hat.

The way a woman influences others is dependent on what she accepts as truth. A woman can let her belief in God influence her, or she can allow her selfish desires to influence her like Eve did. Which is it going to be? Who influences you?

In her home the woman is the key to peace and happiness. Her influence wields the greatest amount of power on how that home is going to be managed. Not that the husband doesn’t have influence in the home, because he certainly does, but for this article I’m only referring to the woman of the home. If she is influenced by the life-giving power of Christ she will most likely radiate her joyful spirit on the rest of the household.

The bottom line is where does she get her influence? What does she read? Who does she regard highly? Where does she get her answers to life’s difficulties and decision-making? What does she believe? Where does her faith and trust come from? These questions will have an effect on what kind of influence she is as a wife and mother.


Some women tend to believe lies that reinforce their own selfish personal beliefs. Today, more than ever, women need to be careful about the input they allow to form their beliefs. This life is totally bombarded with unwholesome values and beliefs that are totally opposed to what the Bible says. Be careful about what you allow to form your ideas and opinions.

They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator – who is forever praised. Amen. (Romans 1:25 NIV)

God created all women in His special ways. Let’s go for the gusto and be all that God created us to be!


Copyright 2011 Heaven Ministries ~ Marriage Healing Ministry

Angie Lewis

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