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Isaiah 48:12 Listen

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God wants us to listen to Him. He wants our plans to succeed. He wants us to ask Him before we commit to something.

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Isaiah 48:12-22

12. “It would seem that God is no longer addressing the nation as a whole but confines His word to the remnant labeled, ‘my called.’” (McGee, J. Vernon, Thru the Bible: Volume III. [Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1983], 301)

“The introductory call for Jacob and Israel to listen establishes a clear link with 48:1; thus one can conclude that his paragraph is connected to 48:1-11.” (Smith, Gary V., The New American Commentary, Volume 15B, Isaiah 40-66. [Nashville, B & H Publishing Group, 2009], 326)

13. God “even summons the stars to stand in their place to demonstrate that he has the power to administer the inner workings of every part of the universe so that they all work synchronistically together as one unit.” (Smith, 327)

14. “A second imperative call summons a group of people to ‘assemble themselves’ together and listen to what God has to say to ‘all of you.’” (Smith, 327)

15. “To assure the Hebrew audience that this is totally God’s work, 48:15 emphasizes ‘I, I’ will speak. ‘I’ will call him to initiate this plan, then ‘I’ will bring him, and the result will be that he will succeed in his path.” (Smith, 328)

16. “Once again God calls the people to listen.” (Smith, 328)

Lord thy God

17. These titles “emphasize his covenantal identity with his people, his redemptive role on behalf of his people, and the sanctified character that sets him apart from all creation.” (Smith, 329)

18-19. “Had they obeyed the Lord in the first place, they would have experienced peace and not war (vv. 18-19), but it was not too late.” (Wiersbe, 53)

“Although God tried again and again to communicate his will, the Israelites seldom ever listened to his commandments.” (Smith 330)

19. “If they had paid attention to God’s words, the Abrahamic promise of multiplying their seed like the sand would have come true (Genesis 22:17; 32:13).” (Smith, 330)

“God would have protected them and would not have allowed their name to be cut off or for them to be destroyed by their enemies.” (Smith, 331)

20. “‘Go forth from Babylon; flee from the Chaldeans!’ was God’s command (see Jeremiah 50:8; 51:6; 45: Revelation 18:4). God would go before them and prepare the way, and they had nothing to fear.” (Wiersbe, 53)

21. “Once God redeemed his people from Egypt they did not thirst when they walked through the dry desert of Sinai (ignoring a brief time of thirst at Marah in Exodus 15:22-25). God miraculously produced water from a rock to provide abundant water when there was no water in the vicinity. (Exodus 17:6; Numbers 20:8,11; Deuteronomy 8:15; Psalm 78:14-20; 105:41; 114:8).” (Smith, 332)

22. “This is the solemn benediction of this section where God’s Servant is set over against all the idols of the heathen. He alone gives peace.” (McGee, 302)

The Jews “had grown accustomed to the security of bondage and forgotten the challenges of freedom. The church today can easily grow complacent with this comfort and affluence.” (Wiersbe, 53)


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