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Isaiah 51:1 Admonition

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This is an admonition to Israel. God will send His Son who will bring salvation to the world. This includes you and me.

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Isaiah 51:1-8

1. In verses 1-8 there are three admonitions “addressed to the faithful remnant in Israel, the people described in 50:10.” (Wiersbe, Warren W, The Bible Exposition Commentary: Old Testament Prophets. [Colorado Springs: David C Cook, 2002], 56)

“In the first admonition (51:1-3), the Lord told them to look back and remember Abraham and Sarah, the progenitors of the Jewish nation (Genesis 12-25).” (Wiersbe, 56)

2. “This unusual imagery about the rock and quarry is explained as a reference to their ancient forefather and mother, Abraham and Sarah.” (Smith, Gary V., The New American Commentary, Volume 15B, Isaiah 40-66. [Nashville, B & H Publishing Group, 2009], 392)

3. “The prophet is communicating the assuring faith statement that this old world with all its problems and curses will be changed into a new world of joy and fertility.” (Smith, 393)

Second Admonition

4. “In the second command (Isaiah 51:4-6), God told them to look ahead and realize that justice would come to the world and they would be vindicated by the Lord.” (Wiersbe, 56)

5. “The worldwide impact of God’s work is summarized as it is implemented in the lives of people.” (Smith, 395)

“In 51:4 God’s ‘justice’ came quickly as a light to the nations, while in 51:5 the impact of God’s justice is evident because his arm ‘justly rules’ the nations. In 51:4 the law ‘went out’ to inform people of God’s ways, but in 51:5 ‘my salvation goes out.’” (Smith, 395)

God “will make himself known to all mankind, and people from all nations will respond positively to him (2:2-5; 14:1-2; 19:18-25; 45:20-25; 49:26; 40:1-16; 66:19-21).” (Smith, 395)

“The light and law of God (51:4) will result in the just rule of God (51:5), which will have a significant spiritual influence on people from many big nations as well as the far-flung somewhat insignificant small island nations of the Mediterranean Sea.” (Smith, 395)

6. “This is a warning that people on earth should not assume that the things that are so important to their daily life and pleasures are permanent. One day God will cause all of this to disappear.” (Smith 397)

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but God’s righteousness and salvation will last forever. That righteousness will be displayed in a special way when Messiah returns and establishes His kingdom on earth.” (Wiersbe, 56)

Third Admonition

7. “The third admonition (51:7-8) focuses on looking within, where we find either fear or faith.” (Wiersbe, 56)

“This admonition is directed to ‘those who know what is right,’ indicating that this is most likely the same group of people addressed as ‘pursuers of righteousness’ in 51:1. These are people who have put ‘my law in their hearts,’ a phrase that asserts the internalization of divine wisdom and truth, not just a mental awareness of its’ existence.” (Smith, 397)

This “kind of devotion to God’s way of thinking implies some sort of personal relationship with God that is the basis for a continual knowledge of his presence.” (Smith, 398)

8. “Verse 8 explains why the righteous people do not need to fear or be dismayed by the things people say.” (Smith, 398)

“The Servant of the Lord in 50:8-9 maintained his confidence in God’s vindication because he knew that God was just, knew that God would help him, and knew that God will cause his accusers to be like a moth-eaten garment (50:9b).” (Smith 398)

“To have God’s law in your heart means to belong to Him and be saved (Jeremiah 31:31-34; Hebrews 10:16). The moth and the worm shall destroy the enemy, but God’s salvation will endure.” (Wiersbe, 56)


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