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Matthew 10:24 Disciple

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A follower of Jesus is a disciple of Jesus. Twelve men became a disciple of Jesus and told others about Jesus.

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Matthew 10:24-42

24. “Jesus’ argument was that if the greater (a teacher or master) is mistreated, how can the lesser (a disciple or slave) expect better treatment?” [Max Anders and Stuart K. Weber (2012). HNTC Vol. 01: Matthew. B&H Publishing Group. Retrieved from]

25. “Even as they do not seek persecution and in fact actively shun it, all Christians can at times expect it.” (Blomberg, Craig L., The New American Commentary, Volume 22, Matthew. [Nashville: Broadman Press], 277)

26. “The enemies of Christ use secret and deceptive means to oppose the gospel. But true believers are open and courageous in their lives and witness. We have nothing to hide.” (Wiersbe, Warren W, The Bible Exposition Commentary New Testament Volume 1 Matthew-Galatians. [Colorado Springs: David C Cook, 2004], 38)

Disciple Proclaim God

27. “Our task is not to please men, but to proclaim God’s message. The present judgment of men does not frighten us, because we are living in the light of the future judgement of God.” (Wiersbe, 38)

28. “All that men can do is kill the body, and, if they do, the believer’s soul goes home to be with the Lord. But God is able to destroy both body and soul in hell!” (Wiersbe, 38)

29. “What a marvelous verse! The Lord takes care of the little sparrows.” (McGee, J. Vernon, Thru the Bible: Volume IV. [Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1983], 60)

“If we compare these verses with Luke 12:6, we discover that sparrows were so cheap that the dealer threw in an extra one!” (Wiersbe, 39)

30. “Even the hairs of our head are numbered—not ‘counted’ in a total, but numbered individually.” (Wiersbe, 39)

31. “When He protects His own, He protects them down to the individual hairs (Luke 21:18). There is no need for us to fear when God is exercising such wonderful care over us.” (Wiersbe, 39)

Confess – Disciple

32. In the context of persecution (recall vv. 17-25), such acknowledgment means remaining faithful to Jesus even if one must die for him.” (Blomberg, 179)

33. This verse “maintains that God will deny or reject those people who reject Jesus and that he will exclude them from eternal life.” (Blomberg, 179)

34. “Not only does Jesus not come to eradicate all human conflict but actually promises hostility. His ministry proved so confrontational that he either attracted people to himself or visible repelled them.” (Blomberg, 180)

35-36. “We will be misunderstood and persecuted even by those who are the closest to us, yet we must not allow this to affect our witness.” (Wiersbe, 39)

“The family members of vv. 35-36 represent the closest of human relationships. In each case Jesus implies that an unbeliever is initiating the hostility against a believing family member.” (Blomberg, 180)

37. “The love in Matthew 10:37 is the motive for the cross in Matthew 10:38.” (Wiersbe, 39)

38. “To ‘carry the cross’ …means to confess Christ and obey Him in spite of shame and suffering.” (Wiersbe, 39)

39. “A man who loses his physical life for Christ shall find eternal life which takes him into the presence of Christ.” (McGee, 61) 2 Corinthians 5:8

“The principle enunciated here may be applied to many situations in which people seek only prosperity or pleasure rather than less glamorous discipleship.” (Blomberg, 181)

“The worthy follower will give up all of his individual ‘rights’ to the king, together with any possessions, passions, pastimes, or people that might distract from following him. In ‘losing’ these lesser aspects of earthly life, the follower ‘finds’ true worth—God’s purpose, joy, and reward.” [Max Anders and Stuart K. Weber (2012). HNTC Vol. 01: Matthew. B&H Publishing Group. Retrieved from]

Reward Disciple

40-42. “In John 15 the Lord Jesus clarifies this section when He says that the world has hated Him and is going to hate His own.” (McGee, 61)

“Jesus is saying in three roughly equivalent ways that those who receive his followers, because they accept what those individuals stand for, will in turn be received by God.” (Blomberg, 182)

“If he receives the ambassador as a prophet (a spokesman for God), then he gets one reward; if he receives him only as a righteous man, there is another reward. But even a cup of cold water, given with the right spirit, brings its own reward.” (Wiersbe, 40)


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