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Isaiah 63:7 Mercy

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God has mercy on us. People rebelled against Him causing Him to become their enemy. He had delivered them from Pharaoh in Egypt, but we have rebelled ever since.

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Isaiah 63

7. “The second part of the chapter reveals the loving-kindness which Christ manifests toward His own.” (McGee, J. Vernon, Thru the Bible: Volume III. [Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1983], 339)

“The prophet looks back at what God has done for Israel (Isaiah 63:7-14). He praises God for is loving kindness and goodness, for the pity and love bestowed on Israel.” (Wiersbe, Warren W, The Bible Exposition Commentary: Old Testament Prophets. [Colorado Springs: David C Cook, 2002], 69)

“Our God is glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders, and this is only one aspect of His many attributes. He is good, and He exhibits loving-kindness. He is also a God of mercy.” (McGee, 341)

8. “His ‘people’ here are believing Israelites and also a great company of Gentiles who will turn to Christ during the Great Tribulation.” (McGee, 341)

“God became their Savior (59:1; 60:16; 63:1) by delivering and setting them free.” (Smith, Gary V., The New American Commentary, Volume 15B, Isaiah 40-66. [Nashville, B & H Publishing Group, 2009], 670)

God Suffers

9. “It appears that this verse is communicating the idea that God suffers or is distressed (‘he was afflicted’) when his people suffer affliction.” (See Judges 10:15-16.) (Smith, 671)

10. “In spite of God’s love and mercy, the people rebelled against God, so eventually God became their enemy.” (Smith, 668)

“I think the Holy Spirit gets rather tired of you and me! But He is patient with us. Thank God for that!” (McGee, 342)

11. “The Israelite community is remembering key spiritual things about Moses and his people that happened innumerable days ago.” (Smith, 673)

12. “This is the arm that empowered Moses’ right arm so that he was able to do almost unbelievable miracles (the plagues in Exodus 7-11) while in Egypt.” (Smith, 674)

13. God “was the one who led them through the ‘depths’ of water in the Red Sea on dry ground, implying that this crossing of the Red Sea was not at the shallow end of that sea where the water was just a few feet deep; this happened at a place that was very deep.” (Smith, 674)

14. “The good things that God accomplished demonstrated just how great God is.” (Smith, 675)


15. “This is one of the greatest ‘revival prayers’ found in Scripture. Just as God came down in fire at Sinai (Exodus 19:16-19), so let Him come down again and reveal His awesome power to the nations.” (Wiersbe, 69)

16. “These people can only appeal to the compassion and deliverance of their heavenly Father and Redeemer.” (Smith, 682)

17. “This is a pleading prayer, asking God to intervene for them.” (McGee, 342)

18. “The reason why God needs to listen to this request and turn with compassion and steadfast covenant love toward his servants is because of some of the negative consequences that have fallen on them.” (Smith, 383)

19. “They need to surrender completely to God. This should be the attitude of the Christian today—complete yielding to God. Most of us are afraid to yield to God because we are afraid He will be hard on us. God wants to be gentle with us if we will give Him a chance.” (McGee, 342)


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